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How can I view the documentary?

We are currently hard at work on our first few episodes. We will send out announcements when we are ready to start dropping the episodes. Sign up at to stay in the loop.

Can I visit the ONE Archives in Los Angeles?

You sure can! We highly recommend a visit to the ONE Archives at the USC Libraries. Visit for information. Tell them we said hello!!

Can I visit the Wilcox Archives in Philly?

Yes you can! The John J. Wilcox Jr. Archives are at the William Way LGBT Community Center in Philadelphia. Contact the Archives at: And tell them we said hello!

What if I have information to share, but want to keep my privacy?

Privacy is one of our highest priorities. We are extremely sensitive to this issue and work hard to protect the identities of people who wish us to do so. You are still welcome to contact us. Many people who have contacted us with leads and stories and clues have requested we maintain their privacy. We always have and will continue to maintian the privacy of those who request us to.

What about the privacy of the people in the photos?

At the very beginning of our search, this was our first question, too. And, as such, we have been working extremely hard on maintaining privacy with the many contacts and leads we have spoken to. As for the photos themselves, we continue to work closely with the Archives under their guidance and policies for privacy, which, in short, because the photos have been placed in the Archives, they, like all artifacts the Archives hold, are there for the public. If we do find the subjects or their families, and they request privacy, we will protect it. The photos themselves were made public when they went to the Archives, but the names and stories may end up private if that is how our search unfolds. As part of our deep concern for privacy, we have already and continue to request all media we speak with to protect the privacy of all involved. It is a very sensitive issue, indeed, and no one wishes to trample on the privacy of others. It's why we continue to go to great lengths to keep and protect the privacy of everyone we speak with, as they wish.

What happens if you find the people in the photos?

If the people in the photos are still alive, the Archives will work with them to return the photos. Additionally, if they request privacy, we will protect it.

Can I post or publish the photos?

The copyrights to the photos are held by two archives. The ONE Archives at USC Libraries and the John J. Wilcox, Jr. Archives at the William Way LGBT Community Center. We have made arrangements with each Archives, and have been granted permission to use the photos in our project. We cannot grant permissions on behalf of the Archives.